Also a very old plugin that is not very progressed and also currently provides two different approaches to implementing a Python IDE in Cinema 4D.

C4D-IDE 01 C4D-IDE 02


An alternative to the Cinema 4D standard Python Generator object that allows you to implement a number of other ObjectData methods.

PyObject Screenshot


This simple Cinema 4D plugin allows you to write shaders on-the-fly or prototype for a native shader plugin.

PyShader Screenshot

Unicode Escape Tool

String resources require special characters to be escaped with unicode escape sequences in the format of \UXXXX. The “Unicode Escape Tool” can handle this for you. Just enter or paste the stringtable or text and you can convert it.

Unicode Escape Tool Screenshot

Resource Packages

You don’t need this tool if you make use of ResourcePackages. Non-ascii characters will be escaped automatically when a stringtable is generated from the ResourcePackage.

Scripting Server

See Scripting