C++ Resources

This page contains a list of resources about Cinema 4D C++ plugin development and useful links.




Hide Dialog Menubar

There is a non-member function available in the SDK that can be accessed through the C4DOS to add special gadgets to the dialog, and it appears that the state “no menubar” is also represented internally as a dialog gadgets.

inline Bool AddGadget(GeDialog* dlg, Int32 gadget_type) {
  String const name;
  BaseContainer const bc;
  return C4DOS.Cd->AddGadget(dlg->Get(), gadget_type, 0, &name, 0, 0, 0, 0, &bc, nullptr);

The gadget to remove the dialog menubar is DIALOG_NOMENUBAR. Be aware when adding this gadget: Adding it inside CreateLayout() won’t work and calling it afterwards will crash C4D. You can call the function in the dialog’s constructor though!

class MyDialog : public GeDialog() {
  MyDialog() : GeDialog() { AddGadget(this, DIALOG_NOMENUBAR); }