The C4DDev API provides some utilities that are especially useful for scripting and prototyping in Cinema 4D.

Per-Project libraries

This is extremely useful when using third party libraries in scripts or Python Objects/Tags. You can keep the dependencies together with your Cinema 4D scene file and only make sure that C4DDev is installed if you move the scene around.

# This is a version of localimport that is tuned to work from inside any
# scripting context in Cinema 4D (Tag, Object, XPresso Node).
from c4ddev.scripting.localimport import localimport

with localimport(doc):
  import twitter

def main():
  # TODO: Some clever example

Script Server

Originally the SublimeScript plugin, this allows you to turn on a socket listening for scripts to be executed in Cinema 4D. In the extras/ directory of C4DDev, you can find a plugin for Sublime Text that allows you to send a script to Cinema 4D.

The default host and port is localhost:2900 and the default password is alpine.


Note that enabling the Script Server can make your computer vulnerable to targeted attacks. Use only for development purpose and do not use on production servers.