NR Import CSV

– Import CSV like a boss.


  • Import a single or multiple files at once
  • Import from .gz compressed files
  • Supports for various dialects (common 4 delimiters and 3 quote characters)
  • Import into points or primitives
  • Filter rows with a Python expression
  • Faster than Houdini's "Table Import" node by orders of magnitude


The "Filter" parameter must be a Python expression that is valid in a Python lambda context. The filter has one variable available, row, which is the raw CSV row (as a list of strings) read from the file(s). The expression must result in True to use the row, or False to skip it.

Example: row[2].strip() == 'LSB' will skip all rows where the third column does not match the string "LSB".

Note that the "Skip Whitespace" parameter is not applied to the row parameter when the filter is called.



  • v4
  • fix NameError when loading from a file (bug introduced in v3)
  • v3
  • add ability to reference sections from another HDA using the following syntax in the File/Directory parameter: op:path/to/node?filename
  • v2
  • add "Space" delimiter type
  • v1
  • initial version

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csv_text.png – Bdate Kaspar/Franziska Sponsel (Creative Commons Attribution)

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