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Contributing to Pydoc-Markdown

Contributions to Pydoc-Markdown are very welcome!

If you want to talk about a potential contribution before investing any time, please do create a new topic on GitHub Discussions.

Pull request requirements

  • Please look to adhere to the existing code style (2-space indendation, 120 character line length limit)
  • Pull requests should contain at least one new changelog entry unless the change is trivial (see below for details)

Changelog entries

Pydoc-Markdown uses Slam to manage changelogs. You should use the Slam CLI to add a new changelog entry, otherwise you need to manually generate a UUID-4.

$ slap changelog add -t <type> -d <changelog message> [--issue <issue_url>]

After you create the pull request, GitHub Actions will take care of injecting the PR URL into the changelog entry.